Our Voiceover Recording Services

If It's Voiceover, We Do It

Recording Services

Our Voiceover Recording Services

Excellent microphones, and engineering staff to make the most of them. We pride ourselves on clear, clean recordings, made in a generous booth built specifically for voiceover. No guesswork, no wondering if the quality will be good enough. Our voiceover recording services support you getting the right performance. Every time.

Session Assistance

If It's Voiceover, We Do It

We specialize in ushering your voiceover recording to success. Whatever’s required, we know how to do it. From preparation of scripts, to comp’ing for you on-the-fly, to full editorial of your recordings, we’re here to lend our skills to whatever’s needed. With over 30 years of experiences in every aspect of audio post production, we seamlessly support your project.

Everyone has a work style and requirements for their project.

For example, you might prefer to come into a voiceover recording studio to produce and direct in person. Or perhaps you prefer to stay at your desk and direct talent remotely.

You might even want us to direct talent to your specifications to make sure that you get exactly what you want even if you’re not available to attend the session in-person or remotely.

Each project is different because each creator is different.

 We’re here for all of it. 

A full array of voiceover services for all media industries.
Pristine recordings. Expert editorial of even the trickiest bits. Perfect delivery. Everything to support your success.

Save time. Save money. Get excellent results.

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Source-Connect Pro
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Our Secret Sauce Is How We Listen

We’ve been doing voiceover for a while now. So we’ve seen a thing or two. This lets us bring a lot of experience to every project. And what has all this experience taught us?


We never, ever, even for a minute, forget the importance and value of listening to you. We take in what you say. Whether you’re producing remotely, or directing in the control room, or giving it your all on-mic in the booth.

Listening is the secret sauce to how L.A. Voiceover has grown from a “best-kept secret” to a voiceover recording studio destination in Los Angeles sought after by amazing creators around the world. 

We’re here to listen to what you have to say about support your vision, your project goals, and your challenges. We’re here to help you shine. Session after session after session.

Producers, We Hear You.

Are your production offices in Santa Monica, Venice or the Marina? How about West L.A., Mar Vista, Palms, Culver City, Century City or Beverly Hills? If so, we’re about 10 minutes from your desk.

Or are you perhaps halfway around the world, in Australia, the UK, South Korea, the EU, South America, Japan, or just over the border in Canada – but your talent is here in Los Angeles. We can record here for you or link with your local studio to record talent there in your city.

Wherever you are, and wherever you need to record from or record to, we offer full voiceover production and post production services.

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Why New Clients Can Trust Us

Here are a just a few of companies we’re honored to call clients. We deeply appreciate their trust and their high standards for quality. And we’re proud to support the value they bring to their customers, clients, viewers, listeners and fans around the world.
A+E Networks
A&E Networks
Amazon Inc
Audacy Radio & Podcasts
The British Broadcasting Corporation
Beyond International
Beyond Productions
Dell Computers
Dell Inc
MeCann Advertising
McCann Advertising
National Public Radio
Public Broadcast Service
More Clients

We Speak Actor, Too.

Like our production services, our actor services are tailored to the individual. Whether you’ve been doing this for years, or your agent has submitted you for your very first on-mic audition, we can help you succeed.

Solid coaching + easy actor rates = an inspiring experience. Every time.

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We understand you know what you want.

Our voiceover recording services are here to help you get it.