Are You Here for Actor Services?

Sweet! We’re here for you, too. Big time.

Are You Here for Actor Services

The thing is, they can’t hear you if they can’t hear you.

Doing your own auditions in a closet, under a blanket, wondering how to get a great audition recorded in Audacity…it’s so pandemic. 

It made sense then. Not now.

The word is out – voiceover is fun and lucrative.

As a result, the world of voiceover is only getting increasingly competitive.

You want them to take notice? Get out from under the blanket and come on over to a real voiceover recording studio for audition services.

Get quality feedback – “booth direction” – and a polished, professional recording. Delivered exactly to spec.

Let’s give casting your best stuff. 

We Love to Hear Actors Working

Before anything else, know that we love you. We love all actors. All ages, all types, all the time. Everyone is welcome. (Yes, that means you.)

And we love to hear actors working.

To help you with this, we offer exceptional quality VO audition services at an affordable rate.  We include the engineer and, if you want it, script-specific feedback/booth direction. If you want a little editing, we do that – fast. Then, we email the audition MP3 to whomever you’d like. Done. Call for actor-friendly pricing.

Or let’s say you’ve booked the job but they want Source-Connect and you’re not quite set up for that. We are! Come on over and let us take care of the tech while you focus on your performance. We’ve got special pricing on actor production sessions, too.

Also, did you know that we offer one-on-one VO coaching, in-studio and remote?

You might be a busy professional voice artist looking to spot-train on something specific. You might be an on-screen talent looking to transition into voiceover work (or book more voiceover work). You might be a talented newbie serious about quickly developing your voice over chops in a way that VO classes just can’t provide.

Wherever you’re at in your career, we’re here to coach YOU. No generic, pre-fab exercises or info. We provide voiceover coaching to help you hone your craft today, based on you where your skills are at right now.

Call to learn more about our voice over coaching services, also at very affordable rates.

Whether you need to record your audition, coaching, or actor production services, we’re standing by to help. Really! This is what we do and we absolutely love seeing you shine.


Booth Direction
MP3 Delivery

One-on-One Coaching

Beginners - Get Started
Intermediate - Get Better
Advanced - Book More Often

Actor Production

Have to record your gig yourself? We'll help with everything from nailing your performance to correctly delivering the files.

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