Here Are Our Current* 8 Covid Safety Protocols

Our 8 Covid Safety Protocols

It Ain't Over Yet

Our 8 covid safety protocols happen all day long, every day.

Sure, we’re all sick of Covid. But no one wants to be sick WITH it. Or with anything, for that matter. As a voiceover recording studio, we’ve always practiced good studio hygiene because…well, manners. But with Covid, we got super serious.

We don’t want to be in anyone’s business. We don’t ask you to take a test, and while we’re appreciative if you show us your vax card, it’s no longer required.

Instead, we’ve make it our business to maintain an environment in which everyone knows what to expect. We want each person who enters the studio to have a transparent, creative experience, without worrying about what’s gone on before they arrived.

We're here to help you get things done, not get in your way while doing them.

Early on in the pandemic, we installed UV-C Germicidal light fixtures into both the control room and booth. We use this treatment as the foundation for how we clean between each and every session. We also continue to topically disinfect all mics, headphones, pens, etc. So you get clean air and clean gizmos. 

And we’re proud to report that we’ve had zero incidents of Covid. ZERO. So, until Covid is a distant bad memory, we’ll continue doing what we do.

Here’s the rundown:

Our 8 Covid Safety Protocols

These Clients Feel Good About Our Protocols

We Hope You Do, Too

Many people have expressed appreciation for how we maintain our covid safety protocols. Here’s what some of them have to say.

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*Information on this page will be updated routinely. It was last updated December 22, 2023. 

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